Tuesday, May 26, 2009

" welcome to my journal "

Whew....it's been a while since I posted my last blog entry here...It was March 25, 2009 with my post " Save the Best for Last " . Nothing much now, just finished my summer class and will be having two weeks of vacation and I found it so boring...

I just had my three straight saturday wedding coverage with Lito Sy Studio Davao last May 16 & 23 and my last wedding assignment for this month is with Mr. Lito Sy this coming May 30, 2009. ( excited )

So now there's a " temporary comeback " but let's wait and see what will happen next. Honestly , I miss my friends...I miss shooting them..:)

Ok, let me start with this ..." welcome to my journal " which I am now focusing..I want to know more on blogging. To share my thoughts, ideas and something that is healthy.

Here's my new design for my blogspot header as well as my new multiply header ...

A product of my boredom ....I found it just simple but I liked it...Hope you like it too... A slight play with PS brush with some color overlays..

So guys checkout my journal at www.marlonadvincula.blogspot.com

I'm currently reinventing the site page and still needs more time so just enjoy the content and let me know your thoughts...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

UNLEASH the ArtisT in YOU ....

Finally I got the chance to share with you my site reinvention. Featuring my new header. At last, it really satisfied my taste. An 800 x 519 @ 72 dpi photo really fits the screen. Now I know ... :) . Special thanks to Jay Olea for helping me out. The feeling is so great now that I feel that my site is complete. I felt like I was complete too !


Maybe that phrase would do. It's up to you how you understand it, apply it and play with it. It's just a matter of passion and dedication towards your artistry. It's only YOU who can discover it.

The header image featuring Mikaella Olarte wayback 2007 . A very memorable portrait shot I made for her, simple yet full of expression and dramatic lighting. And to my friends / studio clients which are featured here, I guess you the reason for awakening the " artist in me " ...

Thanks for inspiring me ...

Enjoy everyone !

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes you heard it right...I'm gonna be the studio photographer on all the days of February from 10am to 4pm on weekdays and 10-7pm during weekends. I have so many things in mind for I have the chance for a long shooting schedule in the studio. But then the priority will be the walk-in clients.For my friends, you can pm or text me if you want a slot this February, I'll count you in.

Recently, I had the " PROJECT BLACKOUT " and it's open for everyone who wants to have it. Either solo or group shot will do. And I am thinking of some RED this month. Was thinking more on couple sessions ( lovers )...

" PROJECT LADY in REd " in addition to my portfolio. A blend of fashion and portrait tastefully done with the play of light. I guess that would do.

I just had a session with MAi Li with the " Step Up " theme will will be posted soon and on Tuesday, its gonna be " The Return of the Queen " ... It's Mikas this Tuesday ...

It's a hectic schedule this February and will be doing also my wedding album projects whenever I get a chance...

Wish me luck...

Here's my info just in case....

Marlon Advincula's Facebook profile


Monday, January 26, 2009

" The way I want it "

I'm falling in love of what I am doing now ...shooting portraits which can be upgraded into fashion.I love to shoot, the feeling is unexplainable. It's a self fulfillment being who you are and what you can do....for YOURSELF...for OTHERS...my bread and butter ...

I just want to make my friends and clients happy. And photography for me is a never ending story. Full of joy, drama and excitement ..

So these things I consider before shooting ... A great help as I journey to my self studied photography class on the web.. enjoy reading !

A good portrait is described as a picture with a quality image that captures both the physical features and character of the subject. Taking good portraits is very challenging because a photographer needs a subject with an upbeat personality that also reflects sensitivity and liveliness.

There are lots of factors that photography enthusiasts need to know in capturing the perfect portrait.

1. Revelation of the subject's character

For a portrait to be considered good, it must capture at least one element that shows the features and traits of the subject as well as one that captures his or her individuality. The image must reveal an important part of the subject's character that can be identifiable by those who know them. Therefore, it is quite challenging for a portrait to show the character of his subject if they have only met for the first time.

2. The right moment to take pictures

Definitely, the photo shoot should start when the subject is comfortable and at ease with his or her appearance and surroundings. Never shoot if the subject is tense or uneasy, because it will reflect in the pictures. There is no rule that says a conversation should stop when shooting starts, it can still continue especially if it makes the subject open up more to the photographer.

Remember that the subject does not need to smile to make the portrait look good. Oftentimes, a thoughtful or a serious expression is preferred since it reveals more of the subject's character.

3. Preparedness of the photographer

This is important since it is the photographer who takes control of a photo session. The subject must feel that the person behind the camera knows what he's doing and is experienced enough to tell the subject how to pose. The photographer himself must be prepared and relaxed throughout the session.

4. Right kind of lighting

Probably the best light that can be used for capturing the personality of the subject is natural daylight. The variety of lighting choices brought about by outdoor conditions gives more creative leeway for the photographer. Having the subject sit near the window can also produce great effects. The only disadvantage of natural light is that it's not always consistent. This is the reason all photographers must utilize artificial lighting. All photographers must have studio flashes. Also, the position of the photographer in relation to the subject can also be shifted in order to maximize the light available.

5. Appropriate background

Simply put, a bad background can destroy a picture. Always pay close attention on the scenery behind the subject when framing shots. There are many creative options that be used when shooting outdoors. The subject can be made to pose beside or in front of colorful flowers or leaves, the sea or the sky. To reduce the effect of a distracting background, a photographer can make use of long lenses or an expansive aperture. For indoors, one can use black or grey cloth for the background, then adding colored transparent plastics over the flashes to modify color.

6. Usage of costumes and props

Portraits usually are a rare photograph of a subject, and good costumes can make the portrait more interesting and valuable. You don't always need to use a full costume, sometimes a hint of it will make wonders, such as hats or scarves. Props should be used very carefully, and should not distract from the main subject of the photograph. A prop should establish the natural pose and mood of the one being photographed.

7. Framing

The kind of framing can already create the image desired by the photographer. It is recommended that photos be cropped before shooting. The image should be checked a few seconds before clicking the shutter. Images that are not needed should be excluded from the shot.

Producing the perfect portrait may seem hard at first but these tips can help novices so that they can shoot better pictures.